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Behind the scenes of SurveyMonkey's rebrand with Karen Budell, VP of Brand Marketing at Momentive

By Jodi Norris 31 August, 2021
SurveyMonkey recently went through a full-blown rebrand, as it turned into Momentive to better represent their modern organisation.

Meet the team: Luca

By Jodi Norris 25 August, 2021
What is your role at 93x? I am a PPC Strategist.

Everything your CMO doesn’t know how to tell you with Ryan Bonnici, CMO at Whereby

By Jodi Norris 23 August, 2021
Ryan Bonnici is a superstar in the B2B marketing community, as he has a knack for telling other B2B marketers the things their CMOs might not know how to tell them.

Sales and marketing alignment for B2B tech & SaaS companies

By Jodi Norris 17 August, 2021
This live FINITE debate answered the question: should sales and marketing be aligned under a single Revenue Operations (RevOps) function?

ABM myth busting with Zoe Hominick, Head of Business Marketing and CEX at O2

By Jodi Norris 16 August, 2021
As more and more B2B tech marketers turn to ABM to achieve their growth goals, more and more myths are starting to arise.

How to build or be a thought leader in B2B tech with Ashley Faus, Content Strategy Lead at Atlassian

By Jodi Norris 09 August, 2021
Thought leadership is critical for B2B tech audiences who less and less trust companies and brands. They want to hear word of mouth recommendations and build a sense of...

Meet the team: Vini

By Jodi Norris 03 August, 2021
What is your role at 93x? Digital Strategist

Video marketing for B2B tech growth with Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard

By Jodi Norris 02 August, 2021
Video marketing is getting easier and easier with new tech and video platforms, but are customer expectations of video rising alongside?

Will technology replace marketers? With Julien Decot, Snr Director, Marketing Partnerships EMEA at Facebook

By Jodi Norris 29 July, 2021
Emerging MarTech leaves some B2B marketers wary of job loss or replacement. However, this fear could be considered unwarranted, as this FINITE Podcast discusses the...

Marketing attribution for B2B tech & SaaS companies

By Jodi Norris 27 July, 2021
This FINITE panel discussion revealed great insights into marketing attribution from CMOs and leaders at top tech and SaaS companies.