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Meet the team: Ronaldo

By Sasha Suzdaleva 24 June, 2021
What's your role at 93x? I’m an SEO Executive at 93x.

Establishing your B2B content marketing goals

By Sasha Suzdaleva 16 June, 2021
Having a crystal clear idea of what you want to achieve from your B2B content marketing campaign isn't always straightforward. You know you want your campaign to be...

93x shortlisted for “Best use of SEO” category

By Sasha Suzdaleva 09 June, 2021
We’re delighted to share that, once again, we have been shortlisted for an award for ourSEO workin partnership withKadence International!

The difference between B2B and B2C content marketing

By Sasha Suzdaleva 01 June, 2021
Everywhere you look, people seem to be saying the same thing about B2B and B2C content marketing:

The ultimate guide to B2B content syndication

By Sasha Suzdaleva 30 May, 2021
Creating an impression on your target audience and encouraging them to take an interest in your business is the biggest task of any B2B content creator.

Meet the team: Ricci

By Sasha Suzdaleva 18 May, 2021
What is your role at 93x? Digital Strategist - I help clients plan a bespoke digital strategy that will enable them to have success across the often...

We won the "Best SEO Campaign" at the Global Agency Awards!

By Sasha Suzdaleva 17 May, 2021
We are so pleased to share that we have won the "Best SEO Campaign" category at the Global Agency Awards in partnership with Kadence International - beating 9 other...

93x shortlisted for the “Best SEO Campaign” in partnership with Kadence International

By Sasha Suzdaleva 12 April, 2021
We are delighted to share that 93x have been shortlisted for the “Best SEO Campaign” category at the Global Agency Awards in partnership with Kadence International...

The B2B Marketing Objectivity Trap with Rory Sutherland

By Sasha Suzdaleva 21 September, 2020
Rory Sutherland needs little introduction for most marketers. Rory has recently produced a B2B marketing report called The Objectivity Trap in partnership with...

'B2C-ification' of B2B marketing with Nicolas Derico, Director of Marketing, Wayflyer

By Sasha Suzdaleva 07 September, 2020
Nicolas Derico is Director of Marketing at Wayflyer. FINITE podcast host Alex Price took time to record an episode with Nicolas focused on the 'B2C-ification',...