Meet the team: Hervé

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What is your role at 93x?

I am an SEO Executive. 


What does an average day for you look like?

Being fairly new to the role, my main tasks have involved client research, content gap analysis, and creating content briefs where I suggest SEO targets for client's web pages.

As we provide a comprehensive SEO service to our clients, I will be working on other tasks which may involve link building, technical analysis, reporting and much more.


What’s the most challenging part of your job?

As we work with niche and high tech companies, it is important to be well researched about a client's product/service and industry before performing the SEO strategy. 


Any advice for those who want to do what you do?

SEO is ever changing because of search algorithms and updated technologies - It is important for me as an SEO professional to keep up to date with the changes and to be aware of how it could affect the clients that we work with.


What future technology developments in the industry are you excited about?

There are many changes to come in the future for SEO that I’m very excited about, from the rise in voice and image search and the impact that will have on how websites are optimised, to the clampdown on the importance of UX and what that will mean for web design & SEO. 


What are your passions/hobbies/interests?

I enjoy working out at the gym, cycling, and playing 5-aside football. Pre covid I used to enjoy going to music shows and festivals with my friends. 


What’s your favourite thing to read in print/online?

I enjoy reading nonfiction books on science and self development. I mostly like to check out Google Discover to find interesting blogs and articles. For any industry related learnings I like to check out Twitter and Moz articles. 


What music is currently trending on your playlist?

I really enjoy discovering new music and listening to different genres, which means clicking on random suggestions on Youtube or listening to new playlists on Spotify to find the latest jam. On my playlist at the moment there’s a lot of 80s afrobeats, underground/ alternative rap and house music for summery vibes.


Tell us a random fact about you…

I can open a beer bottle with my tooth (Bottle openers work just as well). 

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