2x Nominations at Agency Business Awards

The Agency Business Awards are designed to recognise the very best run agencies, from their leaders all the way through to the back office staff that make an agency run smoothly.

Given that agencies really are no more than the sum of their people, we are certainly keen to recognise our hard-working team of A-players.

With this in mind, it’s amazing news to announce that we have received two nominations at the Agency Business Awards. Our development team have been nominated for ‘Web Development Team of the Year’, and our delivery team of project managers have been nominated for ‘Production Team of the Year.'

93x B2B technology agency

We're exceptionally proud of our engineering and production teams. Both teams deserve a lot of credit towards the progress and success of the agency, and not solely through client work, but also their contribution to our company culture and internal innovation. They've worked tirelessly along with the rest of the business to improve efficiencies and increase quality.

93x Founder Alex Price said, “Being one of just 3 or 4 agencies to be recognised for their commitment to building great engineering and project management teams by the judges is a great honour, and to be alongside such great agencies in our nominations. The nominations are true testament to the quality and hard work of the teams and I’m delighted with the strides we’ve made in the last few years to achieve an improving grade of enterprise quality.”

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