SEO link building strategies for B2B tech companies

Link building is a vital part of your B2B tech company’s SEO and digital marketing strategies, and this article will highlight some of the best methods you should use to obtain as many backlinks from relevant and trustworthy domains as possible.

While your marketing team does not have to use all of these suggestions, they should help to point them in the right direction and ensure they can identify the best strategies for your brand.

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SEO Link Building

1 – Creating infographics

Infographics are fantastic for building backlinks because they are sharable content that lots of website owners will want to publish and replicate. You can either create the infographics in-house or pay a specialist. Just make sure the graphics offer useful information or explain a topic in detail for the best outcomes.

2 – Publishing blog content

Informative blog posts are attractive to other site owners when it comes to providing backlinks. Let’s presume a news website owner writes an article about the rise in use of a particular type of software. They won’t want to go into too much detail about the ins and outs, and releasing a blog post that explains all the finer details will increase the chances that person or company will provide a backlink within their content.

3 – Using video content

Video content is more popular than ever these days, and if your team produces high-end videos that explain the nature of your products or comment on industry-related news, there is a reasonable chance other sites will link to them. You can publish the videos on your website and also video streaming sites like YouTube for the best results. Of course, you’ll need to remember to provide your own backlink in the description.

4 – Collaborating with partner brands/businesses

It is often possible to collaborate with other firms in your industry that are not in direct competition with your brand. For example, let’s presume for the sake of argument that your company provides social media management software. Now let’s presume you team up with a brand that deals with video promotion.

You could share content with each other, and they could give a link to your website as a way of showing their visitors the importance of promoting their videos on social networks. You can provide a backlink to their website on the basis that creating attractive video content can help to boost social media shares. So, you both get an authoritative and relevant link without working too hard or making a substantial investment.

5 – Digital PR & media attention

In the B2B tech industry, it isn’t always easy to get mainstream media attention. However, it isn’t impossible either. One of the best things about getting mentioned in the press is that a lot of tech news websites will replicate the article. Many of them will provide a natural backlink within the text to ensure their audience gets the best information possible.

Effective SEO link building has just about become ‘Digital PR’ these days – the quality of the backlinks you will get from authoritative industry news or trade press websites make it seriously worth considering.

6 – Sponsoring relevant events

If you have the money to invest, sponsoring relevant industry events is an excellent way to gain lots of backlinks from the websites that matter most. It is also a brilliant tactic for promoting your brand and ensuring industry leaders and those in the market for your products become familiar with your operation.

Most conferences, trade shows, and exhibitions are on the lookout for sponsors, and so you just need to conduct some online research into the most suitable events and get in touch with the organisers.

Those six effective link building strategies should be more than enough for your marketing team to make a start on working towards their goals this year. There are lots of other methods you could try (and you should), but the ones mentioned on this page are tried as tested, and so they make the perfect starting point.

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