LinkedIn Ads Agency for B2B lead generation

As a marketer in a B2B SaaS or Tech company, we know your challenges. How can your paid media budget deliver measurable, scalable and predictable lead generation and pipeline results?

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Razor sharp targeting

LinkedIn Ads come in many shapes and formats. From single image ads and carousel ads to dynamic ads, video ads and lead gen forms, the LinkedIn Ads platform is evolving quickly.

Our team can guide you through the options, but one thing runs through them all – the ability to be hyper focused in targeting the right companies and the right personas to deliver ROI.

The LinkedIn Ads platform allows us to dive deep into targeting, making use of demographics like location, company size, industry, job function, seniority and many others.

LinkedIn Ads: quality over quantity

B2B is often about quality over quantity. We specialise in B2B SaaS & Tech LinkedIn Ads campaigns, often targeting niche industries and personas. They do, however, often return higher deal values, often reaching into the £millions.

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Why B2B SaaS & Tech Companies Trust 93x

A focus on the right metrics

Metrics like conversion rates ad cost per click (CPC) are just leading indicators for us. Ultimately we are focused on leads, lead quality, pipeline value and revenue.

Support ABM campaigns

Support account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns with matched audiences, company targeting and professional demographics to target the people who make buying decisions.

Aligned with B2B buyer intent

B2B buyer journeys can be lengthy, considered and complex. LinkedIn Ads need to be approached very differently to typical PPC ads, aligning with buyer intent.

UX, Design & Paid Search

Great paid search campaigns require a great page experience on the landing page. Our in-house design and development team are experts in building UX focused pages that convert.


Real-time reporting built into a custom dashboard

Alongside management of the LinkedIn Campaign Manager, our LinkedIn Ads Agency clients all have their own custom dashboard where we can pull metrics from across the digital landscape to demonstrate ROI.


Add momentum with retargeting campaigns

Using LinkedIn Ads for retargeting campaigns can be effective in staying top of mind and re-engaging website visitors.


Google Partner Agency

Alongside LinkedIn Ads, 93x is also a Google Partner PPC agency, based on us maintaining high levels of performance optimisation scores, our PPC Strategists meeting certification standards and the amount of media budget we manage on behalf of our clients.


Quality over quantity

Focused on ROI

Marketing qualified leads, pipeline and revenue are the goal. We partner with B2B marketers like you to help you deliver the results you need.

Hyper Targeted

Our deep knowledge of the LinkedIn Ads platform and demographic targeting enables us to deliver ROI for our clients.

B2B Experts

LinkedIn Ads need to be delivered by B2B marketers like us, with a deep understanding of B2B buyer journeys & buyer intent.

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