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Having served as SEO experts for a host of tech & SaaS companies, 93x knows that content is king. We blend journalism-grade content, onsite SEO services and tactical link strategies to drive meaningful results for the B2B marketers we partner with. 


We’ll bring you more traffic and increase rankings for certain keywords, but ultimately our focus is on the numbers that matter. Our strategists harness deep knowledge of organic search traffic and SEO to bring in quality traffic that fulfils your lead generation goals through conversions, pipeline & revenue.

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SEO Lead Generation
Case Study

£1.5m in pipeline & 2209% increase in search rankings

93x collaborated with a global data & research firm to increase its SERP rankings by 2209%. We optimised UX for conversion and oversaw a lead generation uplift by 775%. Combined with PPC work, this led to over £1.5m in pipeline generation within one quarter, up from £180k in the previous quarter.

  • SEO research & data driven planning
  • UX, design & development on WordPress
  • User research, customer journey mapping, lead qualification
  • Onsite & technical SEO optimisation
  • PPC strategy & management
  • Ongoing B2B SEO, PPC & content strategy and delivery

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Award winning SEO agency

Winner of Best SEO Campaign at the Global Agency Awards 2021

Our B2B SEO client services saw us pick up the top award, beating nine other agencies to take home ‘Best SEO Campaign’ at the Global Agency Awards 2021.


Agency Services

B2B SEO strategy to attract higher value deals

As a specialist agency, we have proven results delivering SEO strategies for B2B clients in the world of technology, software & SaaS. We know what to do with average deal values that reach into the millions, and we’ve crafted targeted SEO campaigns with an ROI of 100x.

It’s not just about increasing traffic and rankings. Our focus is on leads, pipeline and revenue growth. This means we take a holistic view of the B2B buyer journey, working closely with you to achieve your objectives.

Why work with with us

Quality traffic

Quality in the top, quality out the bottom of the sales funnel. 93x focuses on generating quality organic traffic through bespoke SEO & content marketing strategy. We prefer this to chasing big ticket keywords that may drive lots of traffic, but don’t generate leads and sales

Higher Value Deals

By focusing on your niche, key buyer personas, buyer intent & outstanding jobs, we help increase the average deal size of your leads. Our goal is to optimise a smaller group of high-quality deals, to ensure highly efficient inbound leads convert with strong sales & marketing alignment.

Qualified leads

Better search results, quality traffic and quality leads means more marketing qualified leads (MQLs). More MQLs means more sales, more qualified leads and eventually more clients. Our focus on quality starts with a focus on the bottom line — that means leads and sales.

In-house Developers

A quality tech SEO strategy relies on great page experience and web design. We’re lucky to have an in-house team of award-winning WordPress developers and UX designers to help us craft compelling B2B websites and content experiences.

b2b seo briefing template

Download a copy of our B2B SEO briefing template

If you’re unsure about the type of information you’ll need to provide SEO experts like ourselves, we’ve produced a quick briefing template in Google Docs for you to use as a starting point to nail your SEO brief.

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Development Tools

In-House Development

In-house UX, design & WordPress Developers

Because 93x was born out of 93digital, the UKs leading enterprise WordPress Agency, our clients have the benefit of access to an in-house team of WordPress developers that can implement technical changes required on a website. You can utilise our in-house UX & design team to build new parts of your website design or start from scratch with a strategically delivered and SEO led B2B websites.

B2B Search Marketing

What to expect

Improved conversion rates

93x focuses on the search results terms that closely fit your solutions, and deploys a holistic digital approach to drive further conversions throughout your B2B sales funnel.

Flexible SEO campaigns

Our strategies are flexible and adapt to fresh discoveries, possible quick wins and the fluid needs of your business. The internet moves fast, so agility is key. Plus, as a specialist company, we can oversee your B2B SEO strategies from conception through to day-to-day execution.

High-calibre content

For innovative tech products in particular, informative and high-quality journalist-grade content is vital throughout the B2B buyer journey — not just top-funnel organic traffic acquisition. Our in-house content writer is on hand to produce high calibre content on deeply specialist tech topics. 

Content Strategy

With our targeted tech & SaaS methodology, we utilise keyword data to produce data-driven content plans to bring in both relevant traffic and qualified leads. Our plans incorporate data to define the impact of each strategy, both on and offsite.

Competitor SEO Audits

Full on-site or off-site SEO audits can show us how your website is performing against your competitors, and reveal opportunities for growth.

Technical SEO

If you’d like to see our creds, detailed case studies & pricing, just send us a message and we’ll get them across.


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If you’d like to see our creds, detailed case studies & pricing, just send us a message and we’ll get them across.

B2B SEO Reporting

Keyword Rank Tracking

Real-time Keyword Rank Tracking

We’ll keep track of your keywords and SEO rankings in real-time with our digital marketing strategy dashboards. These are configured to monitor the regions and search engines most important to your B2B strategies & campaigns.

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If you’d like to see our creds, detailed case studies & pricing, just get in touch and we’ll send them across.


What is a B2B SEO Agency?

A B2B SEO agency refers to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) agency working specifically with B2B businesses.

While SEO serves as a tool for powerful and high ROI channels across many business types, the companies we specialise in working with are focused on leads and sales. They often work with long and complex B2B buyer journeys.

This means we look beyond your traffic and ranking potential to how SEO ultimately can support quality lead generation, and make an impact across the length of the B2B journey.

Is SEO important in B2B marketing?

In a word, yes. According to HubSpot, 57% of B2B marketers stated that B2B SEO strategies generate more leads than any other marketing initiative. Google research also found that 89% of B2B researchers use the internet to gather information about purchases from B2B companies.


These findings suggest that, given this amount of early stage B2B research and discovery begins with a Google, SEO creates vital opportunities for many of our clients

How much does a SEO agency cost?

For the type of SEO services we offer, you can expect to be paying a minimum of around £4,000 a month for specialist ongoing B2B SEO strategy and delivery.

SEO costs then scale from there, depending on variables such as speed, keyword and search term quantity and competition. Costs will vary depending on which search marketing or SEO experts you talk to and their level of agency experience

What should I look for when choosing a specialist B2B SEO Agency?

As you’re probably aware, most B2B marketers have a limited amount of time in their day. Any SEO agency can promise traffic and rankings, but this shouldn’t be the end of the story, and it does not require a specialised focus.

A specialist SEO agency should be able to combine expertise in search and content marketing with their familiarity and insight into the target B2B audience. This strengthens their targeted focus on lead generation, pipeline and revenue.

How long before I see results from an SEO agency?

We have a minimum retainer length of six months. Typically it can take 3–6 months before clients begin to see the impact of search marketing and the results showing on the search engines.

The reason for this is that SEO lets you build brand authority at the same time as pursuing leads, but it doesn’t function like an ‘on-off’ switch. While quick wins are achievable, many grow impatient with SEO’s nature as a longer-term strategy.

However, this is often par for the course with B2B marketers, since they work with a narrower, and therefore more competitive niche. If you want to see fast movement, you can explore our PPC services for faster results, which work in tandem with a longer-term SEO strategy.

What's involved in on-site SEO optimisation?

On-site SEO optimisation often involves editing elements of a webpage and codebase, along with other technical considerations. This SEO work is always defined following a technical audit.

While on-site optimisation efforts may vary based on conclusions of an SEO audit, on a basic level it usually involves assessing and, if necessary, changing the title of the page and its written content, meta descriptions, URLs, and enhancing internal links between internal web pages. 


Meanwhile, technical optimisation handles page load speed, site mapping and code structure, so that the search engine finds it easier to crawl and index your site more efficiently.

How do you build links for SEO?

We focus on domain authority and relevance when it comes to links within SEO. Link building is all about quality, and has to be carried out strategically and to the highest standard to avoid any potential damage to your website or domain.

Our main focus is on producing great content that will secure you natural links in the long-term. We occasionally supplement this with a more creative Digital PR driven campaign.

How do you approach content strategy for SEO?

Our B2B SEO content marketing strategies are defined and guided by precise data and insights, along with deep understanding of your customers.

All work commences with our specialist SEO keyword research, using a variety of enterprise grade SEO agency tools and software. By aligning this with a deep understanding of your proposition, buyers and buyer journey, we can produce content that Google loves but that also answers the questions of B2B tech buyers.

Is SEO still relevant in 2022?

When COVID-19 struck in early 2020, many of our largest B2B technology clients found themselves left without a key pipeline driver: events. During a period when trade shows, exhibitions and other in-person events were non-existent, the website became far more important, with SEO becoming an area of greater focus in B2B marketing.

Even though the world has thankfully returned to in-person meeting, greeting and the like, that hasn’t diminished the value of SEO. Many B2B purchase journeys start with search engine research, and search marketing has remained a critical driver of digital marketing success for B2B tech & SaaS companies throughout 2022 and will do so for the foreseeable.

Can a B2B SEO agency generate leads & deliver ROI?

Increasing traffic and rankings are a key part of a B2B SEO agency strategy, but nearly all of the B2B marketers we are working with are focused on generating more inbound qualified leads through SEO. So therefore, yes — SEO can be a big driver of inbound B2B marketing results.

Plus, if you’re already seeing some results from PPC, we would often expect click-through rates, lead quality and deal sizes to be higher by ranking for the same terms through SEO long term rather than bidding on them through PPC.

If you can provide some data to work with, your SEO agency should be able to paint a clear picture of the ROI they would be aiming to deliver for you from SEO.

Can you help with international SEO?

Yes, we work with some of the fastest growing B2B tech, software & SaaS scale ups globally to bring in relevant web traffic, and so are regularly guiding our client’s global B2B search engine optimisation strategy. 

We can scale up with multilingual and local, in-market B2B SEO strategies to help our clients enter new markets globally. Our service also entails guidance on technical SEO strategy and multi-lingual website builds.

Can you help with Google Analytics & Tag Manager?

Yes, we have members of our team who have undertaken specialist Google Analytics and Google Tag Management training.

We can help to facilitate requirements gathering and implementation of Google Tag Management outside of our B2B SEO service.