SEO for Technology Companies

Technology SEO is a unique skill. Technology products and services can sometimes be complex in nature and often new to the market, meaning an understanding of what you do and how you do it may be implemented. It’s therefore difficult sometimes to build technology SEO strategies when your product is new. Content is key here, educating your buyers with really useful insight not only elevates your profile, it improves your search rankings.

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An SEO Agency that really understands technology & software marketing

Technology SEO requires research into matching customer problems with your solutions, this means discovering the terminology used online using keyword research data.

Often with new technology there is work to be done to research what your buyers think they are looking for and what you are offering. There is a bit of give and take here, ensuring you rank for search terms that are actually being used but also using terminology that describes your services and products best.


Technology SEO for Lead Generation

As a leading technology SEO Agency we have proven results of providing SEO strategies for B2B technology, software & SaaS companies where the average deal value can reach into the millions and the return on investment of a targeted SEO campaign can be 100x.

For us, it’s not just about increasing traffic and rankings – instead our focus is on leads, pipeline and revenue growth. This means we take a holistic view of the B2B buyer journey, and work closely with you to achieve your objectives.

Why technology companies choose us

Quality traffic

Quality in the top, quality out the bottom. We focus on generating niche quality traffic through technology SEO & content marketing strategy, rather than go for the big ticket keywords that may drive lots of traffic, but not leads.

Higher Value Deals

By focusing on your niche and key buyer personas we help increase the average deal size of your leads. We’re after fewer higher quality deals to ensure a really efficient inbound funnel and strong sales & marketing alignment.

More Qualified Leads

Better search results, quality traffic and quality leads means more marketing qualified leads, more MQLs means more sales qualified leads and eventually more clients. Our focus on quality starts with a focus on the bottom line.

In-house WordPress Developers

Quality technology SEO strategies rely on great page experience and website design. We’re lucky to have an in-house team of award-winning WordPress developers to help us craft great content experiences.

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In-house UX, design & WordPress Developers

Because 93x was born out of 93digital, the UKs leading enterprise WordPress Agency, our clients have the benefit of access to an in-house team of WordPress developers that can implement technical changes required on a website. You can utilise our in-house UX & design team to build new parts of your website design or start from scratch with a strategically delivered and SEO led B2B websites.


Quality over quantity

Improved conversion rates

A focus on the search results terms that closely fit your solutions and services will drive more conversions throughout the B2B sales funnel.

Flexible SEO campaigns

Our SEO strategies are flexible and can shift depending on what we discover, possible quick wins and the needs of your business. The internet moves fast, so agility is important.

Built with quality content

We focus on helping our clients build out quality journalist-grade content that can be used not just for SEO, but throughout the B2B buyer journey.


Using SEO data to guide your technology content strategy

We can help direct our clients content marketing strategy using real-time search data pulled from search engines such as Google and Bing.

This allows us to suggest topics and blog posts based on the questions your buyers are actually asking online, taking some of the guesswork out your content planning and at the same time aiding the broader SEO strategy of your products and services pages.

Technology SEO Services

Managed SEO Strategy

As a technology SEO Agency, we can completely manage your SEO strategy from conception through to the day-to-day execution.

Niche Link Building

We use tactical, niche link building when we spot opportunities based on our audits to build quality links from high domain authority websites.

Competitor SEO Audits

Full on-site and off-site SEO audits to discover how your website is performing against your competitors, and to spot opportunities.

Technical SEO

On page performance/speed, optimised copy, user experience and code structure are all important parts of successful SEO foundations.

SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword research is the data that provides the foundation of any successful technology SEO & content strategy.

SEO Content Planning

SEO Content planning is part of our technology SEO Agency Service. We use keyword research data to create impactful content strategies.


Real-time Google Rank Tracking

Keep track of your Google Rankings in real-time with our digital marketing dashboard. Measure from day to day, month to month or year to year to keep an eye on progress.

Connect with Google Search Console and Google Analytics for a complete view of the performance of your inbound marketing strategy.

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Most frequent SEO Agency questions and answers


Technology SEO is different from ‘typical’ SEO because it often involves producing an SEO strategy for a term that perhaps doesn’t exist yet or is still being defined. It also involves a lot more technical terms and because there are so many different technology providers it requires an understanding of the different niches.

It requires a bit of give and take when it comes to defining new categories, although your product or service may be a new category, you need to educate your buyers and to do that you need to address the terms they are currently searching for and explain that they need of to be thinking about it a different way


Technology products and services often have long buyer journeys and can require a lot of education as part of the buying process. Content is key in this education process because it allows you to help your buyer find the right solution. At the same time as you are helping buyers and educating them you are also raising your profile and building awareness around your brand.

SEO and content for technology companies plays a huge role in building awareness around your business and what you do. Without the content to explain what you do, how you solve your buyers problems no-one will ever find you online.