Why solid SEO research is critical

Search engine optimisation is an important channel for nearly all of our B2B technology clients. Which business doesn’t want to acquire traffic to their website by making sure their web pages display somewhere near the top of search result page for terms and keywords most associated with their offering?

So, how do you do that? Well, it all comes down to solid SEO research.

Your marketing team needs to understand which keywords and phrases key buyer personas type into search engines when looking for the types of product or service your business supplies.

With that in mind, this short guide will draw your attention towards some of the reasons that solid SEO and keyword research is critical to search engine optimisation success.

Solid SEO research delivers ROI

The way in which B2B buyers and researchers seek out information online changes all the time. Recent research from Google showed 71% of B2B researchers start with a generic search, not a branded one. So there is nearly always an argument for SEO being an important channel, for all B2B businesses.

But how do you know if you’re going after the right keywords in order to get ROI from SEO? Research!

Your marketing team needs to find out which questions and keywords people are using most frequently at the moment, and then tailor their SEO strategy based on that information. There are lots of clever tools which then help you understand which keyword groupings might have the highest search volumes associated with them.

As you should be aware, SEO is something that needs constant work, and your marketing team will need to consistently refine and update the keywords on which they focus based on the ever evolving industry and marketplace, as well as activity of competitors.

Solid SEO research leaves an impression

If your marketing team manages to focus on the most suitable keywords when creating content for your website, those B2B buyers and researchers will continually encounter your pages and see their relevancy.

However, it is important that you create an amazing content strategy that will draw the visitor in and keep them on your website. Far too many marketing teams simply create “relevant” content that contains all the keywords on their lists. While that will help to ensure links appear in the best places within search results; it doesn’t mean you’ll ever achieve conversions or sales.

For the best outcomes, use your SEO research to create readworthy relevant content in interesting formats that offer something new, interesting, or insightful to the reader. That is the best strategy for making sure you don’t have a high bounce rate, and any buyers or researchers who land on your pages go a step further and click your calls-to-action.

Solid SEO research keeps things fresh

The last thing you want is for all your buyer personas and researchers to continually encounter the same content over and over again. However, that can happen if you only conduct SEO research once and then never update your keywords or strategy.

For the best outcomes, it is crucial that your team aims to keep things fresh, and updating your research by monitoring new and trending keywords is an excellent way to learn more about the content you should be creating for your audience.

Even if you choose to pay external freelance writers to create the content for your web pages, solid SEO research done regularly will help to make sure you pass the writers the best information and ask them to work on the most suitable projects.

As you can see from the information on this page, solid SEO research is essential if you want to beat the competition and make headway online. While SEO is only part of your digital marketing strategy, getting it wrong could mean your business never reaching its full potential.

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