FAQs: working with 93x

How much do your services cost?

The first few weeks of any agency engagement with our B2B clients involve auditing, strategy & research to lay the foundations for success. We call this the Discovery phase.

We provide this as a one-off project with no obligation to move into a monthly retainer. We believe it’s important that you get a feel for working with our team, the quality of our work and make sure you’re happy with our strategy before moving onto a Retainer.

SEO and PPC Discovery phases typically cost between $7k – $14k depending on scope and the service offering of the client.

We then move onto monthly Retainers, with initial priorities determined by the findings from the Discovery phase.

The minimum monthly Retainer for SEO is in the region of $5k whilst we have some clients who spend $15k – $25k per month on SEO.

For PPC or paid media activity, we require clients to be spending a minimum of approximately $7k+ per month of media budget. Our larger clients spend $100k+ per month. Our own agency fees for managing PPC are charged as a combination of a fixed channel fee and % of media budget.

What does your SEO service include?

We combine deep technical skills, journalist grade content and quality focused link building. We provide a holistic SEO offering, tailored to the needs of the specific client’s priorities and challenges.

In doing so we increase domain authority, increase rankings and increase traffic – but all with the goal of growing leads, pipeline & revenue for our B2B clients.

What does your PPC service include?

Paid Search, Paid Social, Display and Retargeting.

Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads are the platforms that we are particular experts in, however we have experience across the whole paid digital media spectrum, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

All PPC channels can play their part in holistic B2B digital marketing strategies to guide prospects along the journey and down the funnel. We can also help with UX, on site experience and conversion rate optimisation.

The services we provide will be aligned to your specific PPC needs and strategy.

What’s your perfect client?

The perfect client for us:

  • Is in the B2B SaaS, Tech or Software space
  • Has ambitious growth plans
  • If VC backed, typically would be in the scale up phase (Series A/Series B or beyond)
  • Focused on driving high quality leads & pipeline
  • Wants to be seen as a market leader in their category/industry
  • Recognises the value in being led by an experienced agency that’s been there and done it before

We typically don’t work with pre-revenue or pre-product market fit, early stage startups.

What’s the best way to brief you?

We believe the best briefs are a combination of verbal (via video call, if not face to face at the moment) and written communication.

If you’re unsure about the type of information you’ll need to provide to an agency like ourselves, we’ve produced comprehensive B2B PPC and SEO briefing templates in Google Docs which you can use as a starting point:

How long does it take to prepare a proposal?

After an initial conversation and if it seems like we’re a good fit we can share a detailed credentials deck with you immediately, outlining our approach to B2B digital marketing, costs, case studies and more. Sometimes this is enough to draft an initial Statement of Work.

For a bespoke proposal that is tailored to your business needs we typically require 1-2 weeks to produce this, requiring the input of multiple members of our team. We will generally only move to proposal stage if we are at the shortlist (rather than longlist) stage of agency selection and feel like we’re a good fit for each other.

How do you deliver proposals?

We deliver all proposals in person or via video call. This allows us to bring them to life most effectively and also enables invaluable discussion as we talk through how we think we can help.

How soon can you start working?

We can usually begin work within 2-4 weeks from the contract being signed.

We typically only kickoff working with a maximum of 2 new clients per month, so this can shift at short notice depending on other commitments at the time, but we’ll always endeavour to meet your timeframes where possible and communicate clearly about deliverables.

Do you take on standalone projects?

No, we typically only work on a retained basis. We only take on standalone project work for existing clients.

Do you work white label through other agencies?

No, we don’t white label any work through other agencies. We only work directly with our clients.