5 Tips for High Performance Content Marketing in 2019

Content Marketing Strategy

Making the most out of your company’s content marketing strategy should be a top priority for your team. Alongside alternative promotional efforts, content marketing can help to set your brand apart from the competition and drive lots of relevant traffic to your website while generating leads.

Today, we’re going to offer five fantastic tips for high-performance content marketing in the hope of drawing your attention towards some ideas that could help to boost your results.

Use this guide when putting your content marketing strategy in place during the next twelve months, and you should notice a vast improvement within only a few weeks.

1 – Align Content Marketing And Business Goals

To ensure your team creates the best content at the right times, it’s sensible to ensure your brand aligns all content marketing goals with those of the business as a whole. Ensure your marketing team sits down and has a conversation with your sales department.

The sales team should inform your marketers about the products or services they need to sell, any issues buyers raise, and the primary reason potential buyers don’t move forward and make purchases.

The marketing department can then tailor the content it produces with those facts in mind.

2 – Create Content That Compliments The Buyer’s Journey

Spend time working out the most suitable and common buyer’s journey, and then design content that compliments that process as much as possible.

For example, you might determine that most buyers spend time researching the basics of your products or services before looking into the finer details.

In that instance, it would make sense to create pillar pages that give an outline of the broad subject. You can then use internal links to point potential buyers in the direction of more detailed explanations throughout your brand’s website.

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3 – Use Language That Encourages A Response

Social media posts are often a cornerstone of content marketing strategies. When your team writes updates and shares information on Facebook, Twitter, or any of the other top social networks, make sure they use language that requires a response.

Perhaps they could ask a question at the end of the text?

As more people engage with your status update, its reach will increase. Comments, likes, and shares all let the social network know the post is becoming popular.

4 – Tell A Story

Even in the B2B marketplace, telling a story is the best way to get any message across and ensure potential buyers become interested in your company’s products or services.

Write an “about us” page that highlights the history of your brand at the very least. However, it is also wise to include case studies within any technical writing as they help readers to understand the benefits of a product or service in the real world.

Showcasing your team, featuring human faces and telling an emotive story can all help to drive results as your customers move through the ‘consideration’ stage of their decision making process.

5 – Use Content Marketing Tools

There are a number of excellent content marketing tools that your team can use to assist with everything from saving time to ensuring they post the right content at the most suitable time.

It’s also possible to use technology to track the impact of each piece of content and work out why one page performs better than others. With that information, it is possible for your team to refine their approach and make improvements for the future. It will also help you decide when to double down on a piece of content – if you see a blog post doing really well, it might be a signal to invest more heavily in this theme, and produce a video or infographic, or a series of complimentary posts.

Share this article with your marketing department, and make sure they consider some of the tips listed above when creating any new content aimed at promoting your brand. There is always more to learn, but the advice on this page is a brilliant starting point for those struggling to see the results they expect from content marketing efforts.

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