New Research: 9 B2B Content Marketing Statistics

When we’re not busy running 93x, we also run FINITE: our community for B2B tech & SaaS marketers globally to come together and connect, share, learn & grow.

We recently ran a webinar on Content Marketing for B2B Tech Marketers, and followed up with our members to survey them on B2B content marketing, including their biggest content marketing challenges, how confident they are in their approach to content marketing and how many marketers can really attribute ROI to all their content marketing efforts.

View the full report or scroll down for some of the key statistics.

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9 B2B Content Marketing Statistics

Here are the 9 B2B content marketing statistics our FINITE member research uncovered:

1) 35% of B2B marketers said producing enough content is their biggest challenge

Content is the fuel in the engine of most B2B marketing, and keeping up is tough. Producing quality content is key, but also producing enough content is a challenge for 35% of B2B marketers we surveyed.

2) 26% of marketers find ‘Reaching the right Audience’ most challenging

Producing good content is one thing – but getting in front of the right eyes is just as big a challenge for 26% of the B2B marketers in our survey.

3) 68% of B2B marketers are confident in their approach to content marketing

It’s not all a challenge though – we found that 68% of the B2B marketers we surveyed were actually confident in their approach to content marketing overall.

4) 70% of marketers say SEO is important in their content marketing strategy

Of course content plays its role across the length of the buyer journey – from video to webinars to whitepapers. But we can’t talk about content without also talking about SEO – 70% of the B2B marketers we surveyed said SEO is an important consideration within their content marketing strategy.

5) Only 8% of marketers said they are always able to attribute ROI to their content

Attribution is difficult at the best of times in B2B marketing, but when it comes to content marketing this result makes that clear. Only 8% of our surveyed members are always able to attribute a form of ROI to their content.

6) 34% of marketers ‘sometimes’ use gated content

To gate or not to gate? It’s a big question these days. Of course the answer is really ‘it depends’. There’s no doubt a use case for gated content, but our research found 34% of marketers sometimes use gated content within their overall content marketing strategy.

7) 30% of marketers rarely or never get their colleagues outside of marketing to contribute content

This is a big challenge for marketers in B2B tech companies. They’re often surrounded by passionate and intelligent colleagues who are full of great ideas – but trying to get them to share those ideas is hard. Our research showed 30% of marketers rarely or never get their colleagues outside of the marketing department to contribute to content marketing efforts.

8) 43% of B2B marketers only ‘sometimes’ have defined content marketing KPIs

How do you measure the success of content marketing? Without putting some KPIs in place, it can be tough. But our survey of FINITE members found 43% of B2B marketers only sometimes actually have defined content KPIs in place.

9) 70% of marketers find keeping ‘quality and quantity’ high is challenging

Balancing quality and quantity – the age old challenge that just keeps getting tricker for content marketers. Walking the line of churning stuff out but at the same time nailing quality is difficult, and a challenge 70% of the B2B tech marketers we surveyed said was a challenge.

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