SEO for B2B Tech Companies: Expectations vs Reality

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There are a lot of misconceptions out there about SEO and how much difference it will make to your tech company’s results in B2B buyer journeys. With that in mind, this article aims to dispel some myths and offer a logical and rational view of what technology companies can expect, and how long they’ll have to wait.

We write this in the hope that fewer people become frustrated with their SEO efforts and put them on the back-burner.

The truth is that effective SEO strategies are often the best way to set your brand apart from the competition. So, don’t give up too easily if you don’t get the results you expect straight away.

Expectation: I can get results fast


Like it or not, the chances of your technology or software company seeing amazing SEO results overnight are slim. SEO can often take months to have a noticeable positive effect on your operation. But that doesn’t mean optimising your site for search engines isn’t worth the effort.

It’s possible that a blog post you publish this week containing lots of relevant keywords will become a massive hit in a few month’s time and get thousands of shares from potential clients around the world.

Expectation: I need to stuff my website with keywords


Keyword stuffing is not the best practice, and it can result in penalties from Google and other search engines. While keyword research is essential, and it will assist search crawlers in making sure they categorise your website correctly; there is no need to overdo it.

While Google keeps its cards close to its chest, most experts recommend using keywords for between 1% and 3% of the content on each page. Either way, focus on quality and delighting your users, not just going after keywords.

That is more than enough to send the right signals to the search engine crawlers, and it should ensure your posts and other content appear within the most suitable search results.

Expectation: I don’t need to think about off-site SEO


Off-page or off-site SEO is still a vital part of any successful search engine optimisation strategy. While nobody can say they fully understand the algorithms used by Google, most SEOs accept that relevant and authoritative backlinks play a role in determining website ranking within search results.

Off-site SEO techniques are critical if you want to ensure your technology company stands a chance against the competition in your crowded marketplace. There is more to SEO than just writing lots of blog posts.

Expectation: I only have to do SEO once


Due to the fact that Google and other search engines move the goalposts regularly, and most of your competitors engage in SEO practices all the time, SEO is not a one-time only deal. Your agency or development team must continually work towards improving search engine optimisation, and their job is never complete.

Even if your technology company manages to reach the number one spot within Google search results for every single one of your chosen keywords and phrases; you’ll have to work hard to maintain that position. This is true both in terms of onsite optimisation of your website itself – the code, the structure, the speed etc, but also content and off-site SEO too.

With a bit of luck, reading about these common expectations vs the reality of SEO should have helped to dispel a few myths and ensure you now understand the true nature of the practice. Whatever your tech company’s promotional plan for the next twelve months might include, be sure to focus on SEO as much as possible.

Most B2B clients identify, research, and purchase their products and services online these days, and without an effective SEO strategy; it’s difficult to ensure your website appears in front of the right people. In fact Guide to SEO for B2B Tech Companies

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