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Establishing your B2B content marketing goals

By Sasha Suzdaleva 16 June, 2021
Having a crystal clear idea of what you want to achieve from your B2B content marketing campaign isn't always straightforward. You know you want your campaign to be...

The ultimate guide to B2B content syndication

By Sasha Suzdaleva 09 June, 2021
Creating an impression on your target audience and encouraging them to take an interest in your business is the biggest task of any B2B content creator.

Guide: gated vs ungated content in B2B marketing

By Jodi Norris 01 June, 2021
It’s time to settle the gated/ungated content debate once and for all. This is The Final Showdown. After gated and ungated have battled it out, you’ll be able...

Content Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for B2B Businesses

By Dan Butler 01 June, 2021
In 1996, Bill Gates penned an essay with a powerful message to businesses — content is still king. He predicted that the internet would give companies a chance to...

11 B2B Content Marketing Stats for 2020

By Darren Stewart 01 June, 2021
Content marketing is a central part of running a B2B business, and it’s also an area that’s constantly changing and updating. To deliver the most effective content...

What to Expect from B2B Content Marketing in 2020

By Darren Stewart 01 June, 2021
What to expect from B2B content marketing in 2020? Well, the 2010s are over. It’s been an eventful decade, there’s no doubt about that. And the world of B2B...

New Research: 9 B2B Content Marketing Statistics

By Alex Price 01 June, 2021
When we're not busy running 93x, we also run FINITE: our community for B2B tech & SaaS marketers globally to come together and connect, share, learn & grow. We...

5 Tips for High Performance Content Marketing in 2019

By Alex Price 01 June, 2021
Making the most out of your company’s content marketing strategy should be a top priority for your team. Alongside alternative promotional efforts, content...

What is a Content Marketing Funnel?

By Darren Stewart 01 June, 2021
Content is a key part of marketing in today’s world, with 50% of businesses expecting increased content marketing spend in 2020. One important concept for...

Build traction on your podcast for a B2B tech marketing strategy

By Jodi Norris 01 June, 2021
With the line between work and home blurring, more people are using their spare time to advance their skill sets and expand their careers. Through online classes,...