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93x and 93digital have joined the Clarity family

By Alex Price 03 May, 2022
Often, coming back to work after a holiday weekend makes for a bit of a rough start to the work week.

2021 Guide: Web Design for B2B Tech Companies

By Alex Price 03 February, 2021
Around 53% of B2B clients make at least half of their buying decisions online according to studies, and more than 63% use the internet for at least half of their...

2021 Guide: Inbound Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

By Alex Price 25 January, 2021
According to marketing software company Pardot, around 82% of B2B buyers will start their purchase journey using a search engine like Google, and 89% of B2C customers...

B2B SEO - A Guide in 2021

By Alex Price 07 January, 2021
Typing “B2B SEO” into Google will produce more than 30 million results - all of which claim to offer fresh perspectives on the processes and strategies tech marketing...

New Research: 9 B2B Content Marketing Statistics

By Alex Price 05 October, 2020
When we're not busy running 93x, we also run FINITE: our community for B2B tech & SaaS marketers globally to come together and connect, share, learn & grow. We...

5 common marketing automation mistakes

By Alex Price 11 April, 2019
Marketing automation is a fantastic way for B2B tech companies and just about any other B2B businesses dealing with long, considered and complex buyer journeys...

B2B or B2H: Humanising Technology Marketing

By Alex Price 02 April, 2019
For every B2B marketer that tells me Facebook is a B2C only channel, I bring out the case study of the B2B FinTech getting unbelievable ROI from an account based...

Should we be using Marketing Automation? Pros & Cons

By Alex Price 17 March, 2019
Marketing automation is a process that enables B2B technology teams to take a step back and allow software and other tools to handle part of their marketing processes....

What is marketing automation?

By Alex Price 25 February, 2019
By now all B2B marketers should have heard about marketing automation, but there are still a lot of professionals out there who are yet to use it as part of their...

True Definition of Marketing Qualified Lead for Tech Companies

By Alex Price 09 February, 2019
Marketing and Sales alignment: it's definitely a hot topic for 2019. One of the key principles of achieving such alignment is making sure everyone agrees on...