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Do you have a CRO strategy for your B2B tech website?

By Darren Stewart 31 January, 2022
Do you have a plan for improving the number of conversions on your B2B tech website, or are you still seeking a way to improve lead generation and sales?

2021 Guide: Web Design for B2B Tech Companies

By Alex Price 03 February, 2021
Around 53% of B2B clients make at least half of their buying decisions online according to studies, and more than 63% use the internet for at least half of their...

What is a Landing Page in Google Analytics?

By Darren Stewart 24 February, 2020
Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools available for marketers, providing a wealth of insights into how your websites are performing. One important...

Designing an Inbound Marketing Focused Website

By Alex Price 06 February, 2019
Inbound marketing is one of the best ways to bring leads into your business, and so designing your website so it can support an effective inbound marketing strategy...

Using Slack to manage digital projects with clients

By x93 04 February, 2019
We’ve been using Slack to communicate with our clients on projects for a while now. We love some elements of it, but have definitely learned a few lessons and...

2019 web design trends for B2B technology companies

By x93 22 November, 2018
If your tech company needs to design a fresh new website for 2019, it’s possible that your marketing team might benefit from taking a look at some of the latest trends...

6 Web Design Traps B2B Tech Companies Should Avoid

By Alex Price 19 November, 2018
Building a new website for a B2B tech company is always going to involve a lot of hard work and research. In the hope of helping marketers to save time and effort,...

What makes a lead generating B2B website?

By x93 16 November, 2018
Your website is your shop window, it’s what draws clients in and works as your greatest lead generation tool… right? Unfortunately, for many B2B businesses this isn’t...