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Video marketing for B2B tech growth with Tyler Lessard, VP Marketing and Chief Video Strategist at Vidyard

By Jodi Norris 02 August, 2021
Video marketing is getting easier and easier with new tech and video platforms, but are customer expectations of video rising alongside?

Will technology replace marketers? With Julien Decot, Snr Director, Marketing Partnerships EMEA at Facebook

By Jodi Norris 29 July, 2021
Emerging MarTech leaves some B2B marketers wary of job loss or replacement. However, this fear could be considered unwarranted, as this FINITE Podcast discusses the...

Marketing attribution for B2B tech & SaaS companies

By Jodi Norris 27 July, 2021
This FINITE panel discussion revealed great insights into marketing attribution from CMOs and leaders at top tech and SaaS companies.

Guide to B2B tech brand marketing with Kevan Lee, Head of Marketing at Oyster

By Jodi Norris 20 July, 2021
B2B brand marketing is about how your audience perceives your brand, and is a collective result of multiple touch points and channels. It's hard to define, but on this...

Where to start with B2B tech product positioning with Vakis Rigas, VP Marketing at Shypple

By Jodi Norris 12 July, 2021
The positioning of B2B tech products requires consideration of competitors, features and jobs to be done. Ultimately, positioning aims to find context.

How to boost the engagement and impact of your virtual B2B events

By Jodi Norris 08 July, 2021
The FINITE B2B event marketing panel discussion is full of insights from leading marketers with deep expertise in organising and optimising physical and virtual events...

How to use customer experience data with Keith Povey, Director of Marketing at Feefo

By Jodi Norris 05 July, 2021
Do you know how to use customer experience data to improve your B2B tech marketing?

Balance the efficiency and effectiveness of your strategy with B2B marketing operations

By Jodi Norris 02 July, 2021
The FINITE MOPs panel discussion is full of insights from leading marketers of top tech companies - Teamwork, Amazon Web Services, GFK and Sage.

Moving from startup to scale up with Emma Jessica Knox, VP Marketing at HERO

By Jodi Norris 28 June, 2021
B2B marketers can fuel the growth of their startups by implementing scalable processes, getting buy-in from the C-suite, hiring the right team and using the right tools.

April Dunford on crafting stories for sales enablement in B2B tech marketing

By Jodi Norris 17 June, 2021
At FINITE Fest, April Dunford’s presentation taught B2B tech marketers sales enablement through the crafting of stories to tell prospects an engaging narrative. As...