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SEO for B2B Tech Companies: Expectations vs Reality

By x93 12 December, 2018
There are a lot of misconceptions out there about SEO and how much difference it will make to your tech company’s results in B2B buyer journeys. With that in...

Defining a Content Led SEO Strategy

By Alex Price 10 December, 2018
Content-led SEO strategies will usually involve the creation of carefully-worded blog posts, articles, white papers, and anything else that could help to...

Is Content Still King for B2B Software & Tech Companies?

By Alex Price 05 December, 2018
Content marketing has been one of the most useful methods for promoting new products and services online during the last few years, but we wanted to find out whether...

5 Questions B2B Marketers Should Always Ask Sales

By Alex Price 04 December, 2018
For the best results when it comes to generating B2B leads for your technology, software or SaaS brand, it is essential that both sales and marketing teams work...

How to Generate Marketing Qualified Leads

By x93 02 December, 2018
If you're a technology or software company looking to generate more inbound leads through your website, this is for you. Across complex and often lengthy...

5 Inbound Marketing Strategies for B2B Tech Companies

By x93 29 November, 2018
Technology companies just starting out with the process of inbound marketing will want to ensure they generate as many leads as possible with their strategy.

Why Should B2B Tech Companies Use Inbound Marketing?

By x93 29 November, 2018
The latest inbound marketing methods and strategies have the potential to positively impact all B2B businesses, and particularly those in the technology or software...

5 reasons content marketing is critical for B2B technology businesses

By x93 26 November, 2018
Digital marketing is becoming more and more powerful in the technology industry, allowing firms to expand their reach beyond traditional marketing methods. B2B...

B2B tech & inbound marketing: the perfect pairing

By x93 26 November, 2018
There is no denying the fact that digital disruption, technology and the internet have completely changed the way that customers behave, especially B2B buyer journeys...

2019 web design trends for B2B technology companies

By x93 22 November, 2018
If your tech company needs to design a fresh new website for 2019, it’s possible that your marketing team might benefit from taking a look at some of the latest trends...