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Top 10 B2B SEO Tools for 2022

By Ronaldo Carion 09 March, 2022
From keyword research to competitor analysis, precision has always been key to B2B SEO because you are dealing with niche topics and longer customer journeys. This is...

To focus on acquisition or retention? That is the question. With John Dawes, Associate Director at Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science

By Jodi Norris 07 March, 2022
B2B tech marketers are often wondering how much of their activities should be aimed at retaining existing customers or acquiring net new ones. 

From sales-led to product-led B2B growth with Brendan Miller, Head of Global Marketing Strategy and Operations at Rapyd

By Vivian Fan 28 February, 2022
More and more companies in the B2B tech space are moving away from sales-led growth and embracing product-led growth. There are several challenges to overcome in order...

The subtle art of marketing to developers with Christie Fidura, Director, Global Developer Marketing at Salesforce

By Vivian Fan 21 February, 2022
On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Christie Fidura, Director, Global Developer Marketing at Salesforce, shared the inside scoop of how her developer marketing team...

Best Practices for Running A/B and Multivariate Testing

By Ricci Sanchez 17 February, 2022
Getting traffic to your B2B tech website is only one step in successful digital marketing. Your webpages are valuable tools that can be used to generate leads and sales,...

What Should Your Google Analytics Goals Be?

By Vini Sathyaseelan 09 February, 2022
Google Analytics goals, also known as conversions or events, are a useful way to keep track of a variety of website metrics. Rather than combing through all of your...

How to Set Up Google Analytics for a B2B Tech Company

By Vini Sathyaseelan 08 February, 2022
Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for B2B tech companies’ growth. The digital marketing metrics you can glean from Google Analytics are useful for making a variety...

Best practices for data privacy in B2B marketing with Kate Parker, COO at Transcend

By Vivian Fan 07 February, 2022
Data privacy is not new to the B2B world. But it now presents the challenge of both protecting an audience and learning about their purchase behaviour.

Do you have a CRO strategy for your B2B tech website?

By Darren Stewart 31 January, 2022
Do you have a plan for improving the number of conversions on your B2B tech website, or are you still seeking a way to improve lead generation and sales? 

Collaborating through disruption with James Bridgman, Head of Global Marketing at Pollinate International

By Vivian Fan 31 January, 2022
On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Alex talked with James Bridgman , Head of Global Marketing at Pollinate International , about leveraging partner marketing and...