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Podcasting to boost a B2B tech brand with Ari Applbaum, VP Marketing at Audioburst

By Jodi Norris 17 May, 2021
For B2B tech companies, podcasts can prove to be an effective channel to boost brand. They put you in front of your target audience in an engaging way that elicits an...

B2B Marketing Analytics: A guide to measuring your B2B marketing campaigns

By Dan Butler 13 May, 2021
Tracking where your customers come from, how many touchpoints they use, and how successful your marketing campaigns are is a huge job. It's also a necessary job...

5 Ways to Improve Page Load Speeds for SEO

By Dan Butler 13 May, 2021
As a specialist B2B SEO Agency, we know the best SEO hacks for your website can sometimes be the smallest and simplest things. Case in point: your page load speeds. 

The psychology of emotion in B2B marketing with Ruslan Tovbulatov, VP Global Marketing at Gloat

By Jodi Norris 10 May, 2021
The differences in B2C and B2B marketing tactics are diminishing, as digital marketers realise that psychological rules apply across most purchase decisions. On this...

Guide: gated vs ungated content in B2B marketing

By Jodi Norris 05 May, 2021
It’s time to settle the gated/ungated content debate once and for all.  This is The Final Showdown. After gated and ungated have battled it out, you’ll be able...

Reducing churn through customer advocacy with Kevin Lau, Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Adobe

By Jodi Norris 04 May, 2021
Customer advocacy empowers existing customers to get involved, stay loyal and promote your products. This can help reduce churn, improve product and build brand...

Bill Gatesify your CEO for your B2B tech PR/marketing strategy

By Jodi Norris 03 May, 2021
Bill Gates and Microsoft are like salt and pepper. Two names intertwined in your mind; they’re great on their own but better together.An organisation can provide a...

Why B2B tech marketers should be scrappy with Adam Goyette, VP Marketing at Help Scout

By Jodi Norris 26 April, 2021
A scrappy mindset in marketing is one that ditches strict internal processes to allow for rapid movement and growth. Adam Goyette, VP Marketing a Help Scout, is a...

Marketing technical products with Laura Hauser, Head of Marketing at Adaptavist

By Jodi Norris 19 April, 2021
Marketing technical products to technical personas comes with unique challenges a marketer should consider for a successful strategy. In this episode of the FINITE...

93x shortlisted for the “Best SEO Campaign” in partnership with Kadence International

By Sasha Suzdaleva 12 April, 2021
We are delighted to share that 93x have been shortlisted for the “Best SEO Campaign” category at the Global Agency Awards in partnership with Kadence International...