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Do you have a CRO strategy for your B2B tech website?

By Darren Stewart 31 January, 2022
Do you have a plan for improving the number of conversions on your B2B tech website, or are you still seeking a way to improve lead generation and sales?

Collaborating through disruption with James Bridgman, Head of Global Marketing at Pollinate International

By Vivian Fan 31 January, 2022
On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Alex talked with James Bridgman, Head of Global Marketing at Pollinate International, about leveraging partner marketing and...

Think inside the box for B2B growth with Joe Davine, Head of Marketing at Globacap

By Vivian Fan 24 January, 2022
As a B2B tech marketer, creative ideas are often necessary to attract customers and gain their attention to spark the start of their sales journey and bring awareness to...

B2B marketing across regions with Alexandre Blumenthal, EMEA Marketing and Communications Lead at Lenovo ISG

By Vivian Fan 17 January, 2022
In a globalised marketplace, a successful B2B tech company not only needs a good marketing strategy, but great diversity. "Having had a lot of interviews and having...

The Importance of Google Analytics Audits for B2B Tech Companies

By Vini Sathyaseelan 12 January, 2022
Accurate data is essential to business operations—but many in-house marketers at B2B tech companies are using unreliable analytics to make key decisions.They often have...

Breaking down the term 'strategy' for B2B growth with CMO, Colin Lewis

By Vivian Fan 10 January, 2022
Behind every fast-growing B2B tech company is the perfect marketing strategy. Most B2B marketers rush into executing products and services to the market instead of...

ROI: Return On Identity with Paul Campillo, Former Principle Brand Storyteller at Typeform

By Vivian Fan 04 January, 2022
On this episode of the FINITE Podcast, Alex talked to Paul Campillo, Former Principle Brand Storyteller at Typeform. He walked us through his unconventional journey in...

Social media for B2B tech marketers with Timo Pelz, VP of Business Marketing at Reddit

By Vivian Fan 14 December, 2021
Millennials now surpass baby boomers in the B2B buyer demographic, so B2B marketers are turning to social media to meet them where they live online. On this episode...

Which LinkedIn Ads Types Are Right for Your B2B Campaign?

By Dan M 07 December, 2021
LinkedIn Ads are a highly effective digital marketing tool for B2B businesses. The ability to tap into LinkedIn’s vast trove of business demographic data means that you...

Why marketing should own revenue targets with Kyle Lacy, SVP of Marketing at Seismic

By Vivian Fan 06 December, 2021
"I think that BDRs reporting into marketing unite the tip of the spear when it comes to go-to-market strategy. I think it unites messaging, positioning, the experience."...